gypsies and jet-setters: Bruce Sterling at 2006 SXSW

This is the first Bruce Sterling talk that I encountered. Now I’m an inveterate Sterlingite, but at the time, 2006, I had only barely crossed intellectual paths with Sterling. I downloaded it with some long dead, precambrian cousin of google reader that lived in the swamps and estuaries of windows computers and survived by allowing the user to view RSS feeds on his desktop. Then pushed it to my equally antediluvian, single purpose device, an Archos mp3 player.
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archetypical post

Picture a tree. Let’s make it an oak tree, so most people in the northern hemisphere will have direct access to one. Over the course of the oak tree’s life, it increases in size gradually, with new branches, sub-branches, and leaves appearing in that order of frequency. The trunk remains alive, but is less dynamic in it’s size and shape than the portions of the tree closer to the leaf-nodes, to borrow a metaphor that seems dangerously recursive.
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