Cellular Automata


Textruder is the next installment in a long line of one-dimensional cellular automata implementations on various platforms and various media. This adventure begins like so many, on the command line. The inspiration for this project came from reading one of Stephen Wolfram’s papers on cellular automata. The original output of the programs testing the concepts of cellular automata was not graphical in the sense of directly mapping each cell to a pixel or block of pixels.
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cae.js: hand it a canvas and stand back

The cae.js project is a distillation of the cellular automaton built into the earlier cellular automata explorer project. It is a self-contained javascript class. It can instantiated thusly: First, include the cae.js source in your html: <script src="/javascripts/cae.js"></script> Then create an instance of cae: my_cae = new cae(); my_cae.init("my_canvas"); my_cae.draw(); And that’s it. Just replace “my_canvas” with the id of the canvas you’d like cae to draw upon, and it will determine the proper width and height.
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